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Acceptable Human Development and Family Studies Professional Electives

Professional Electives for Human Development and Family Studies Students

The following list of department codes and course numbers represent courses which may count toward the 24 required credits in human development and family studies professional electives.  18 of the 24 electives must be at the 300/400 level.  A minimum grade of C- is required in each course.  The academic advisor may suggest courses which are not on this list.

  • AAAD  A210 (S&H), A 425
  • AMST  A202 (A&H)
  • CJUS  P100 (S&H), P200 (S&H), P202 (S&H), P290, P300, P302, P303, P304, P320, P340, P360,  P370, P371, P 375, P 380, P381, P411, P412, P423, P425, P435, P439, P450, P457,  P460, P461, P462 (strongly recommended), P471, P475, P493
  • EDUC  E330, E335, K205, P465
  • GNDR  G101, G102 (S&H), G104, G105 (S&H), G205, G215 (S&H), G225, G290, G302, G303, G402, G425, G485
  • HIST  H231 (S&H)
  • HPER  C310, C315, C335, C354, C366, C403, C416, F317a, F341, F355, F370, F417, F440, F441, F444, F452, F453, F457b,  F460, H160, H163, H172 (S&H), H174 (S&H), H180, H220 (S&H), H234,H263 (S&H), H305, H306, H311, H315, H317a, H318, H319,H320,  H326, H340, H350, H418, H464, N220, N231 (N&M), N331 (strongly recommended), N336, P290, P398, P405, R160, R340, R365, R366, T101, T142 (S&H), T201, T202, T301, T302, T401
  • NURS  Any course
  • PSY  P303,P304, P319, P323, P325, P326, P327, P329, P335, P425
  • SOC  S101 (S&H), S210 (S&H), S215 (S&H), S217 (S&H), S230 (S&H), S302, S305, S308, S309, S312, S313, S315, S317, S320, S321, S324, S326, S329, S335, S338, S422, S344
  • SPHS  S433
  • SPEA  V160 (S&H), V161 (S&H), V221, V263, V362, V366, V373, V432, V435, V436, V450, V462, V463, H320, H455
  • SWK  S100 (S&H), S141, S221 (S&H), S300, S332, S352

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