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Career Kickstart Professional Development

The Career Kickstart Professional Development eNotation focuses on the core competency of career management while engaging students in career readiness activities through a combination of coursework, individualized career coaching sessions, career seminars, and career events involving networking with recruiters. To earn the eNotation, students will complete an academic course along with co-curricular programs that develop career readiness competencies.

Required Components
  • Curricular: Successfully pass a Jacobs School of Music career course with a grade of C- or higher. Options include A461 Final Project in Audio Engineering (1 cr.), E491 Senior Seminar in Music Education (2 cr.), O460 Undergraduate Jazz Capstone and Portfolio (1 cr.), and U250 Music Career Development (1-2 cr.).
  • Co-Curricular:
    • Engage in two career coaching conversations with a career specialist in the JSoM Office of Entrepreneurship & Career Development. Students engage in a minimum of two 1:1 career coaching sessions and identify follow-up career action items. (2-3 hours total)
    • Attend four Well-Advised Lunches or similar events in the Jacobs School of Music. Students attend four professional development seminars, including one session that focuses on diversity and inclusion. (4-6 hours total)
    • Attend an IU-sponsored career fair, or similar area-specific professional event, either in-person or virtually, and interact with a minimum of three recruiters. (3-4 hours total)
Application Process

Students who wish to pursue the eNotation will complete an online form which will be routed to the program administrator in the Office of Entrepreneurship and Career Development.

Time to Completion

All components of the eNotation program must be completed prior to graduation. Most students can complete the Career Kickstart eNotation in one to two academic years once they have applied for and have been added to the Career Kickstart program.

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