Regulations and Procedures

Individual Studio Study and Performance-Related Policies

Use of Jacobs School of Music Instruments

School instruments are available only to students enrolled in Jacobs School of Music courses, e.g., ensemble or performance lessons. Rental and deposit may be charged as approved by the Indiana University Board of Trustees. Non-music students must pay a rental fee.

The Jacobs School of Music cannot give exclusive use of an instrument to one individual. Thus instruments may be assigned for use by more than one person. For this reason, each instrument must be kept in the locker assigned to that instrument when not in use.

A prescribed method of sign-out and return of instruments is essential to their efficient use. Failure to follow sign-out or return procedures subjects the student to a minimum fine of $60 plus $1 per calendar day until the student is released of responsibility.

Instruments are assigned for a specific period of time, which is never to extend beyond the last day of classes each semester. Students needing an instrument after the last day of classes must obtain special permission from the Instrumental Rental Office or be subject to the fine policy.

A student using a school-owned instrument is responsible for the care of the instrument; any damage incurred, other than the usual wear, is the responsibility of the student. Repairs are made by the university and charged to the student.

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