Regulations and Procedures

Individual Studio Study and Performance-Related Policies

Student Photography, Audio, and Video Recording Policy

Students participating in Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (“JSoM”) performances, authorize the JSoM, its agents, employees, or representatives, to take photographs, audio recordings, and/or video recordings of their performances, including their name, image, or likeness. The Trustees of Indiana University own all copyrights in photographs, video recordings, and/or audio recordings of live concerts, performances, and recording sessions.

JSoM recordings are typically used for archival and educational purposes. JSoM retains the right to commercially reproduce, adapt, distribute, display, perform or otherwise use the recordings of JSoM performances in any manner consistent with the JSoM Policy on Rights of Ownership and Use of Audio and Video Recordings (available at Recordings and/or photographs, together with a student’s name, image, or likeness, may be used by the JSoM, including its assigns and transferees, for marketing, advertising, publicity, or other promotional purposes.

JSoM reserves final editorial authority over the use of recordings and photographs, without any right on the part of students to inspect or withhold approval of any future use of photographs or recordings. Students shall not receive compensation for participating in recordings or for any future use of recordings.

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