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Academic Regulations

Incompletes and Deferred Grades

If a student is not in attendance during the last two or three weeks of a semester, the instructor may report a grade of I. An I should be assigned to a student who, in the judgment of the instructor, has performed at a satisfactory level during a majority of the course but has not completed all the required work by the end of the term due to hardship or other good cause that the instructor deems would make it unjust to penalize that student for not completing the required work on time. In cases not meeting the above criteria, the instructor shall record a grade of FN.

In addition, a student may not enroll in a course in which the student has received a grade of Incomplete. However, a student with a grade of Incomplete in performance, chamber music, ensemble, or variable topics courses may enroll again in the same course if additional credits are needed or desired. All work required in these additional enrollments is separate from any work required to remove the grade of I.

It is the responsibility of the student who has incurred the grade of Incomplete in any course to fulfill the requirements of that course by the date established by the instructor, which must be no later one calendar year from the date on which the Incomplete is recorded. The student is expected to complete all necessary work in time for the instructor to assign a regular grade before the expiration of this time period. If this is impossible because of circumstances clearly beyond the student’s control, it is the student’s responsibility to petition the instructor for an extension of time. Every Incomplete is changed to F at the end of one year unless a grade is assigned during that year.

The grade of R is used in courses such as research courses and recitals in which completion of the work of the course is not necessarily required at the end of the semester.

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