Undergraduate Division

Ballet Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field (Ballet Emphasis)

Admission Requirements

See "Admission Requirements" in the Undergraduate Division section of this bulletin.

Major Ensemble

X30 Ballet Ensemble (2 cr.) each fall and spring semester.

Performance Study

52 credit hours

  • J210 Jazz Dance (1-1 cr.) or THTR T307 Theatre Dance (2 cr.)
  • J340 Ballet Pedagogy (2-2-2 cr.)
  • J400 Ballet Majors minimum 5 credits each fall and spring semester until graduation examination is completed
  • J410 Choreography Workshop (2-2 cr.)

Entrance audition, freshman jury, upper-division examination, graduation examination.

Other Music Courses

10 credit hours. Secondary Piano (4-6 cr.); elective music courses (4-6 cr.).

Outside Field

27 credit hours. Subject to approval of the director of undergraduate studies and the advisor of the outside field department or program.

General Education

See "General Education Requirements" under Curricula for Bachelor's Degrees in Music in this bulletin.

To Complete Degree

Free music or non-music electives as needed to bring the total credit hours to 120, excluding I400 and major ensemble.

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