Not all courses are offered every year. The number of credit hours given for a course is indicated in parentheses following the course title. The abbreviation ‘‘P’’ refers to the course prerequisite or prerequisites, and the abbreviation ‘‘C’’ refers to the course corequisite or corequisites.

Letter prefixes indicate subject fields as follows:

A. Audio Engineering and Sound Production
B. Brass
C. Sacred Music
D. Percussion
E. Music Education and Music Pedagogy
F. Techniques
G. Conducting
H. Harp
I. Recitals
J. Ballet
K. Composition
L. Guitar
M. Musicology and Music History, Music Literature
N. Honors, Music Information Technology
O. Jazz
P. Piano
Q. Organ
R. Opera
S. Strings
T. Music Theory
U. Unclassified Courses
V. Voice
W. Woodwinds
X. Ensembles
Y. Early Music
Z. Nonmajor

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