All recitals are eligible for deferred (R) grading.

For doctoral recitals, consult department chairperson for repertoire requirements.

Undergraduate Recitals
  • MUS I407 BME Senior Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUS I408 Jazz Senior Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUS I409 BSOF Senior Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUS I410 Double Bass Repertory Exam (0 cr.)
  • MUS I411 B.M. Junior Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUS I412 B.M. Senior Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUS K402 Senior Recital in Composition (0 cr.)
Master's and Diploma Recitals
  • MUS F500 Accompanying Recital (0 cr.) Required for fulfillment of second recital requirement for M.M. piano majors. Student is assigned to an accompanying coach as a studio accompanist for one semester and must appear as accompanist for a required public performance of a full undergraduate or graduate recital.
  • MUS G504 Master's Choral Conducting Practicum (0 cr.)

    Supervised work with a choral ensemble, including public performance of approximately 20-30 minutes.

  • MUS G603 Master’s Orchestral Conducting Performance (0 cr.)
  • MUS G604 Master’s Choral Conducting Performance (0 cr.)
  • MUS G605 Master’s Wind Conducting Performance (0 cr.)
  • MUS I611 Performer Diploma Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUS I612 Orchestral Studies Exam (0 cr.) A 45-minute examination on orchestral repertoire, administered by the student's department. The examination panel consists of no fewer than three faculty members. The department will specify the content of the performance portion of the exam, which will last approximately 30 minutes. Approximately 15 minutes of the exam will be a discussion with the examining panel about the material presented.
  • MUS I711 Master’s Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUS I911 Artist Diploma Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUS I921 Artist Diploma Chamber Music Recital (0 cr.)
Doctoral Recitals
  • MUS B601 Doctoral Brass Recital (1 cr.)
  • MUS B602 Doctoral Brass Chamber Recital (1 cr.)
  • MUS D601 Doctoral Percussion Recital I (1 cr.)
  • MUS D602 Doctoral Percussion Recital II (1 cr.)
  • MUS D603 Doctoral Percussion Recital III (2 cr.)
  • MUS D604 Doctoral Percussion Recital IV (2 cr.)
  • MUS G801 Doctoral Orchestral Conducting Performance (2 cr.)
  • MUS G802 Doctoral Wind Conducting Performance (3 cr.)
  • MUS G810 Doctoral Choral Conducting Performance I (2 cr.)
  • MUS G811 Doctoral Choral Conducting Performance II (2 cr.)
  • MUS H601 Doctoral Harp Recital I (1 cr.)
  • MUS H602 Doctoral Harp Recital II (1 cr.)
  • MUS H603 Doctoral Harp Recital III (1 cr.)
  • MUS H604 Doctoral Harp Recital IV (1 cr.)
  • MUS I821 Doctoral Chamber Music Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUS K701 Doctoral Composition Chamber Recital (1 cr.) Presentation of a recital (at least 45 minutes of music) of compositions for different media written during residency, with the student participating as performer or conductor. Program annotations addressed to the general public (500 words minimum).
  • MUS L661 Doctoral Guitar Recital (1 cr.)
  • MUS P601 Doctoral Piano Recital I (1 cr.)
  • MUS P603 Doctoral Piano Lecture/Recital (1 cr.)
  • MUS P604 Doctoral Piano Recital-Final (1 cr.)
  • MUS P605 Doctoral Piano Concerto I (1 cr.)
  • MUS P606 Doctoral Piano Concerto II (1 cr.)
  • MUS Q601 Doctoral Organ Recital (1 cr.)
  • MUS Q608 Doctoral Organ/Choir Practicum (1 cr.)
  • MUS S611 Doctoral Violin Recital I (1 cr.)
  • MUS S612 Doctoral Violin Recital II (1 cr.)
  • MUS S613 Doctoral Violin Concerto (1 cr.)
  • MUS S614 Doctoral Viola Concerto (1 cr.)
  • MUS S621 Doctoral Viola Recital I (1 cr.)
  • MUS S622 Doctoral Viola Recital II (1 cr.)
  • MUS S631 Doctoral Violoncello Recital I (1 cr.)
  • MUS S632 Doctoral Violoncello Recital II (1 cr.)
  • MUS S633 Doctoral Violoncello Concerto (1 cr.)
  • MUS S650 String Section Leader (1 cr.)
  • MUS S651 Doctoral Double Bass Recital I (1 cr.)
  • MUS S652 Doctoral Double Bass Recital II (1 cr.)
  • MUS V601 Doctoral Voice Recital I (1 cr.)
  • MUS V602 Doctoral Voice Recital II (1 cr.)
  • MUS V603 Doctoral Voice Recital III (1 cr.)
  • MUS W611 Doctoral Woodwind Recital I (1 cr.)
  • MUS W612 Doctoral Woodwind Recital II (1 cr.)
  • MUS W613 Doctoral Woodwind Chamber Music Recital (1 cr.)
  • MUS Y701 Doctoral Early Music Recital (1 cr.)

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