Academic Courses

Nonmajor Academic and Performance Courses
  • MUS Z100 The Live Musical Performance (1-2 cr.) An introduction to music listening through weekly in-class performances. Students have an opportunity to interact with instrumentalists, singers, dancers, choreographers, conductors, and composers. Musical styles include classical, rock, jazz, and world music.
  • MUS Z101 Music for the Listener (3 cr.) An introductory music appreciation course that explores European and American classical music and other musical repertoire.
  • MUS Z103 Special Topics in Music for Nonmajors (3 cr.)
  • MUS Z110 Non-Music Major Performance Elective (2 cr.) For undergraduate students.
  • MUS Z111 Introduction to Music Theory (3 cr.) A study of fundamentals of the language and notation of music: listening, music reading and writing, and the elements of music as used in a variety of genres and historical periods. Open to non–music majors and students in the Jacobs School of Music interested in a general background in music.
  • MUS Z112 Introduction to Musical Skills (1 cr.) Introduction to sight singing and dictation. Rhythmic and melodic materials. Previous or concurrent registration in Z111 Introduction to Music Theory is recommended.
  • MUS Z120 Music in Multimedia (3 cr.) Overview of multimedia elements for interactive environments and linear media. Introduction to digital media including animation, audio, video, and images. Audio techniques including sound synchronization with cue points, loops, digital signal processing effects, mixing, and conversions using a waveform editor.
  • MUS Z161 Steel Drumming (2 cr.) Techniques of execution and musical interpretation of music for the steel drums.
  • MUS Z162 Hand Drumming (2 cr.) Techniques of execution and idiomatic rhythms of international styles of hand drumming.
  • MUS Z171 Opera Theater Series I (3 cr.) Discussion and analysis of works to be performed during the current Opera Theater series. Designed to acquaint opera patrons (and non–music majors) with the libretti and music.
  • MUS Z172 Opera Theater Series II (3 cr.) Discussion and analysis of works to be performed during the current Opera Theater series. Designed to acquaint opera patrons (and non–music majors) with the libretti and music.
  • MUS Z201 History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Music I (3 cr.) Roots of Rock to the British Invasion.
  • MUS Z202 History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Music II (3 cr.) The Sixties. Survey of the major trends, styles, and genres of rock music, focusing on artists and groups with the most enduring significance and on the major social issues of their times. Z201 is not a prerequisite for Z202.
  • MUS Z203 History of Rock 'n' Roll Music III (3 cr.) A lecture-oriented course that covers the history of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1970s and 1980s. The post–Sgt. Pepper “splintering” of rock and ensuing style changes are highlighted.
  • MUS Z211 Music Theory II (3 cr.) P: Z111 Introduction to Music Theory or consent of instructor. Overview of part writing, musical form, harmonic analysis, and modulation.
  • MUS Z212 Musical Skills II (1 cr.) P: Z112 Introduction to Musical Skills or consent of instructor. Continuation of sight singing and dictation skills. Rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic materials. Previous or concurrent registration in Z211 Music Theory II is recommended.
  • MUS Z250 Choral Masterworks (3 cr.) Introduction to the masterpieces of choral music through examination of musical, historical, and cultural contexts. Study of selected oratorios, masses, requiems, passions, choral symphonies, choral music outside the Western art tradition, and music for glee clubs, show choirs, and vocal jazz groups. Class lectures/discussions en­hanced with live performances.
  • MUS Z260 Music in American Society (3 cr.) Music in the United States: its history and place in society from the earliest musical activities to some of its many present incarnations. Native American music; sacred and secular music in the New World to c.1800; music in the church, home, and concert hall in the nineteenth century; African American music; and various twentieth-century traditional popular and clas­sical genres and styles.
  • MUS Z311 Music Theory III (3 cr.) P: Z111 Introduction to Music Theory and Z211 Music Theory II or consent of instructor. Overview of modulation and chromatic harmony.
  • MUS Z312 Musical Skills III (1 cr.) P: Z112 Introduction to Musical Skills and Z212 Musical Skills II or consent of instructor. Advanced sight singing and dictation skills. Rhythmic and melodic materials in one and two parts; harmonic materials including chromaticism. Previous or concurrent registration in Z311 Music Theory III is recommended.
  • MUS Z315 Music for Film (3 cr.) P: CMLT C190 Introduction to Film. A stylistic and analytic survey of music for moving pictures, concentrating on American and English narrative films.
  • MUS Z320 Advanced Special Topics in Music for Nonmajors (3 cr.)
  • MUS Z340 Introduction to Music Business (3 cr.) An introduction to the business aspects of the music industry. Recording companies, artists, and contracts; music production; copyright, licensing, and publishing; booking agents, promotions, live performances, and performing arts organizations.
  • MUS Z361 Introduction to MIDI and Computer Music (3 cr.) P: Modest working knowledge of personal computers. Basics of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface system, its software, and the instruments commonly used with desktop MIDI workstations (synthesizers, digital samplers). MIDI sequencing, digital audio editing, and principles of digital syntheses. The course is intended for those with little prior technical training.
  • MUS Z362 Computer Music: Design/Perform (3 cr.) P: Z361 Introduction to MIDI and Computer Music or equivalent experience and permission of instructor. Projects in fixed-media computer music composition (with and without video) and live electronic music performance. Field recording, audio editing, sampling, effects processing, mixing, mastering, video synchronization, methods of synthesis, virtual instrument design, real-time hardware control of audio, live video processing.
  • MUS Z373 The American Musical (3 cr.) The origins of the American musical: its societal impact and its development from vaudeville and European operetta to the rock musicals of today.
  • MUS Z374 Contemporary Broadway Musicals (3 cr.) An exploration of the Broadway musical with a focus on contemporary trends. American rock musicals, revivals, and British and European productions. Study of contemporary producers, composers, lyricists, choreographers, and directors.
  • MUS Z385 History of the Blues (3 cr.) Tells the story of the blues through the music of more than 200 artists. Styles studied include Classic Blues, Country Blues, Piedmont Blues, Holy Blues, White Blues, City Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Post-WWII Country Blues, Chicago Blues, Urban Blues, Swamp Blues, British Blues, and Blues Rock.
  • MUS Z390 Jazz for Listeners (3 cr.) An examination of the components of jazz, how to listen to jazz, and how to relate jazz to the social/cultural environment in which it was created. Class lectures/discussions enhanced with live performances and videos of major artists such as Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane.
  • MUS Z393 History of Jazz (3 cr.) Periods, major performers and composers, trends, influences, stylistic features, and related materials. For non-music majors only.
  • MUS Z395 Contemporary Jazz and Soul Music (3 cr.) A survey of contemporary jazz and soul (rhythm and blues) music and musicians in the United States. For non–music majors only.
  • MUS Z401 The Music of the Beatles (3 cr.) An in-depth, song-by-song look at the music, lives, and times of the Beatles. The course focuses on the music and is aimed at heightening student listening skills as well as fostering a deeper appreciation for the Beatles’ recordings.
  • MUS Z402 Music of Frank Zappa (3 cr.) A detailed survey of the musical career of rock’s most avant-garde composer. Traces Zappa’s creative output from his early days through his solo projects, his “big band” period, his orchestral productions, and finally his groundbreaking work with the Synclavier. All of Zappa’s commercially released albums are discussed, and students are responsible for a listening list of materials from these releases.
  • MUS Z403 Music of Jimi Hendrix (3 cr.) A detailed look at the life, music, and career of rock music’s best and most influential guitarist. Audio and video performances document the meteoric rise of Hendrix from obscurity to master musician before his untimely death.
  • MUS Z404 The Music of Bob Dylan (3 cr.) A detailed examination of Bob Dylan’s songs and career. The course traces Dylan’s many incar­nations and reinventions from his early days as a folk-protest singer and pop icon to his role as elder statesman and Poet Laureate of popular music.
  • MUS Z411 Music Theory IV (3 cr.) P: Z111 Introduction to Music Theory and Z211-Z311 Music Theory II-III or consent of instructor. Further study of modulation techniques and advanced chromatic harmony. Overview of atonal and serial techniques as well as music of the twentieth century.
  • MUS Z412 Musical Skills IV (1 cr.) P: Z112 Introduction to Musical Skills and Z212-312 Musical Skills II-III. More advanced sight singing and dictation skills. Rhythmic and melodic materials in one and two parts with more difficult rhythms; harmonic materials including advanced chromaticism and modulation. Examples from twentieth-century musical repertoire. Previous or concurrent registration in Z411 Music Theory IV is recommended.
  • MUS Z413 Latin American and Latino Popular Music and Culture (3 cr.) Latin American and Latino popular music genres, their historical and cultural contexts, and their impact in the United States. For non-music majors only. Activities outside of class may be scheduled.
  • MUS Z415 Connections: Music, Art, Literature (3 cr.) Interrelationships among the arts of various cultures, learning how they influence each other and are in turn influenced by the culture and temper of the times they reflect. Includes a survey of major styles from the Renaissance to the present, with emphasis on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
  • MUS Z710 Non-Music Major Performance Elective (2-4 cr.) For graduate students.

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