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The Jacobs School of Music offers a number of music courses, performance study options, and ensembles especially designed for students majoring in fields other than music. In addition, qualified nonmajors are welcome to participate in music major academic courses, performance courses, or ensembles on a space-available basis. Under certain conditions, credit for these courses is accepted toward degree requirements in other schools and departments. At the time of registration, proper approval must be secured from the chairperson of the student’s major department or the dean of the school, as well as from the director of undergraduate studies in the Jacobs School of Music.

Minor for Students Whose Majors Are Outside the Jacobs School of Music

Applications for minors may be made at the Music Undergraduate Office, Merrill Hall 011, Bloomington campus.

Applications should be submitted to the Undergraduate Office when course work is nearing completion.

Information about the minor can be found at http://music.indiana.edu/departments/academic/general-studies/index.shtml

The minor must include at least 20 credit hours, of which at least 15, including a minimum of one core course, must be taken at the Jacobs School of Music. Any course in which the student receives a grade below C- may not be used to fulfill a requirement on this minor.


6 credit hours

Z111 Introduction to Music Theory (3 cr.) and Z101 Music for the Listener (3 cr.) [T109 Rudiments of Music (3 cr.), and/or T151 Music Theory and Literature (3 cr.) may be substituted for students who qualify].

Ensemble/Live Performance

2 credit hours

  • Ensemble [1-2 cr.]; X001 All-Campus Ensemble (1 cr.); or by audition, X040 University Instrumental Ensembles (2 cr.), X050 Marching Hundred for Non-Music Majors (2 cr.), X060 Early Music Ensembles (2 cr.), X070 University Choral Ensembles (2 cr.), or X030 Ballet Ensemble (2 cr.)]
  • Z100 The Live Musical Performance (2 cr.)
  • Z161 Steel Drumming (2 cr.)
  • Z162 Hand Drumming (2 cr.)
Music Electives

12 credit hours
Courses may include elective performance study only at the 100 level (no more than 3 credits) and courses with a Z prefix (see list that follows). Substitutions for courses with a Z prefix must be approved by both the director of music undergraduate studies and his/her counterpart in the student’s home school (associate dean for undergraduate education in COLL, for example). Music ensemble credits will not count toward the 12 credits of music electives. At least 6 of the 12 music electives credits must be at the 300 level or higher.

Courses with a Z Prefix that may be taken as Music Electives
  • Z103 Special Topics in Music for Non-Majors (3 cr.)
  • Z112 Introduction to Musical Skills (1 cr.)
  • Z120 Music in Multimedia (3 cr.)
  • Z171-Z172 Opera Theater Series I-II (3-3 cr.)
  • Z201-Z202 History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Music I-II (3-3 cr.)
  • Z211 Music Theory II (3 cr.)
  • Z212 Musical Skills (1 cr.)
  • Z250 Choral Masterworks (3 cr.)
  • Z260 Music in American Society (3 cr.)
  • Z301 Rock Music in the ‘70s and ‘80s (3 cr.)
  • Z311 Music Theory III (3 cr.)
  • Z312 Musical Skills III (1 cr.)
  • Z315 Music for Film (3 cr.)
  • Z320 Advanced Special Topics in Music for Non-Majors (3 cr.)
  • Z361 Introduction to MIDI and Computer Music (3 cr.)
  • Z362 Computer Music: Design/Perform (3 cr.)
  • Z373 The American Musical (3 cr.)
  • Z385 History of the Blues (3 cr.)
  • Z390 Jazz for Listeners (3 cr.)
  • Z393 History of Jazz (3 cr.)
  • Z395 Contemporary Jazz and Soul Music (3 cr.)
  • Z401 The Music of the Beatles (3 cr.)
  • Z402 Music of Frank Zappa (3 cr.)
  • Z403 Music of Jimi Hendrix (3 cr.)
  • Z404 Music of Bob Dylan (3 cr.)
  • Z411 Music Theory IV (3 cr.)
  • Z412 Musical Skills IV (1 cr.)
  • Z413 Latin American and Latino Popular Music and Culture (3 cr.)
  • Z415 Connections: Music, Art, Literature (3 cr.)

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