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Individual Studio Study and Performance-Related Policies  

Assignments for Music Studio Study and Lessons 

The dean of the Jacobs School of Music assigns students to teachers for the entire semester on the basis of student requests and teacher availability. While the Jacobs School of Music makes every effort to honor teacher preferences, it cannot guarantee specific studio assignments. The assignment takes place during the first week of classes of each semester for students who have not preregistered for a particular teacher. Such preregistration is accomplished only with the written authorization of the requested teacher.

Studio instruction (performance/composition) in individual lessons or a combination of individual and small group lessons is at the discretion of the teacher. Students ordinarily receive one lesson each week of classes during the semester. A student who cannot attend a scheduled lesson is required to notify the teacher at least 24 hours before the beginning of the lesson; otherwise, except for illness immediately prior to a lesson, the student forfeits the right to a make-up lesson. Students absent without excuse from more than three lessons in any one studio course during a semester fail in that course, but their lessons are not discontinued. Lessons missed by the teacher are made up at the mutual convenience of the student and teacher.

Practice time may be reserved each fall, spring, and summer II semester. The amount of daily reserved practice time is determined by the degree and instrument for the semester in which the student is applying. To secure reserved practice time, the student must apply online. Application for reserved practice time should be made each semester after completing semester registration. Practice time assignments are not released until the first day of classes each semester. The deadline for reserved practice time applications is the Friday of the first week of classes. Applications received the first week of the semester will be assigned and returned the second week of classes. Adjustments to reserved practice time assignments will not be made until the third week of each semester. If at any time during the semester students withdraw or cancel their classes, their reserved practice time will be revoked. To obtain more information and to access the online application, see

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