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General Requirements for Doctoral Degrees  

The Graduate Division of the Jacobs School of Music offers course work leading to the degree of Doctor of Music in the areas of music literature and performance, composition, and conducting. Available major fields within these areas are listed under departmental headings in the Curricula for Graduate Degrees in Music section. The Jacobs School of Music also offers the Doctor of Music Education degree and, through the University Graduate School, the Doctor of Philosophy degree in the areas of musicology, music education, and music theory.

The Doctor of Music degree represents outstanding accomplishment in music performance and academic studies. The holder of this degree should demonstrate a high level of performance competency in his or her instrumental area or in voice, a broad knowledge of the pertinent instrumental or vocal repertoire, the ability to undertake independent research, and the ability to communicate his or her understanding effectively in written and oral forms.

The Doctor of Music Education degree calls for a scholarly study of music teaching. In addition to providing for an understanding of the principles underlying successful teaching and the techniques necessary for systematic inquiry into those processes, the degree requires an emphasis in an area of music education: band conducting and literature, choral methodology, college music teaching, or supervision and administration. The area of emphasis must be different from that of the master’s degree.

A Doctor of Philosophy degree represents breadth of experience and training in the arts and sciences and is recommended for those planning to enter a field involving research or scholarly writing as well as college teaching in musicology, music theory, or music education. The dissertation required for the Ph.D. degree must be original research of a quality and a significance warranting publication.

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