Overview, Mission, and Goals

Organization of the Kelley School

The school’s resident faculty, composed of more than 190 members, is its basic governing body. The various programs and curricula, as well as all major policy considerations, are reviewed and approved periodically at meetings of the entire resident faculty. Administrative support for the school is provided by the Office of the Dean, by a chair in each of the school’s seven academic departments, and by a chair of each of the academic programs. The Academic Council, made up of those administrators mentioned above, along with two elected faculty representatives, administers Kelley School of Business policy. In addition, a number of committees appointed by the dean recommend to the faculty various academic and operating policies. At various times, these committees are also assigned specific administrative responsibilities.

The school’s administration manages its programs on both the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses. The Office of the Dean consists of the Dean, the Executive Associate Dean of Academic Programs, the Executive Associate Dean of Faculty and Research, the Executive Associate Dean of Indianapolis Operations, the Associate Dean for Indianapolis Research and Programs, and the Assistant Dean of Finance and Operations. Administrative support for instructional programs is provided by eight organizational units: the School of Business Undergraduate Program Office (Bloomington and Indianapolis), the M.B.A. Office (Bloomington), the Office for the M.B.A./Career Integrated Program (Indianapolis), the Doctoral Program (Bloomington), the Graduate Accounting Programs (Bloomington), the Information Systems Graduate Program (Bloomington), the Office of the Kelley Direct Program (Bloomington and Indianapolis), Executive Degree Programs, and the Business of Medicine Program. Assistance with Kelley admission, academic advising, and degree certification are provided by professional staff members assigned to each of these organizational units.

Academic Bulletins

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