About the Kelley Undergraduate Program

Course and Degree Requirements

Elective and Academic Success Courses
Business Course Electives
  • BUS-X 170
    • This course will focus on three elements of importance.  It will address real and contemporary business organizations/products/issues; it is decision-oriented rather than just a descriptive course; and, the course will emphasize integration and how the various functions of business relate to one another.
  • BUS-X 100
    • Business administration from the standpoint of the manager of a business firm operating in the contemporary economic, political, and social environment. No credit for juniors or seniors in the Kelley School.
  • BUS-G 100
    • This course is designed to provide beginning students with an introductory but comprehensive survey of business practices, public policy, and economic information. The course focuses on sources of information, what that information means and how to interpret it, the accuracy and reliability of the data, and its use and abuse. This course will serve as an introduction to the and other major domestic and foreign information sources such as The Wall Street Journal. Emphasis is on trends, current events, and issue analysis.
Academic Success Courses
  • BUS-K 160
    • Topic: Solving Business Problems with Computers (3 credits)
    • This course is designed to provide foundational introduction to modeling and solving business problems with computers. The course will emphasize basic file management skills, internet research, resource utilization, computer concepts, solid foundation in Microsoft Excel, and introductory Microsoft Office skills for Access, Word, and PowerPoint.  This course is designed to be hands on and engaging focusing on personal use of technology skills to help increase their ability to function as an efficient business professional.  Students will demonstrate these skills and be assessed through a series of projects and practical exams.  This course will support Learning Goal 5: Quantitative Analysis and Modeling for the Undergraduate Program.  The skills taught in this course are prerequisite skills for meeting this learning goal
  • EDUC-X 101
    • Topic: Learning Strategies for MATH-M 118 (2 credits)
    • Instruction and guided practice in techniques for learning from printed materials. Emphasis is on graining information from text and practical retrieval and discussion of concepts. Much of the work is done on an individual basis.
  • EDUC-X 150 
    • Topic: Becoming The Best Student (2 credits)
    • An academic booster shot for students who need to quickly and drastically ramp-up their performance and increase their academic success in all their classes.
  • EDUC-X 152 
    • Topic: The Right Start (2 credits)
    • The Right Start is a patient and personalized introduction to college course academics and a guide to the vast resources of IU.  It's all the stuff students want to know about and do, inside and outside of the classroom, except with this class they get credit for it.
  • EDUC-X 152
    • Topic: Learning Strategies For Accounting (BUS-A 100) (1 credit)
    • Students must be co-enrolled in a section of Accounting, BUS-A 100.
  • EDUC-X 156
    • Topic: College and Life Long Learning (1-2 credits)
    • Students attend 11 public workshops on a wide range of reading, study, and learning skills topics offered by the Student Academic Center and meet for 13 individual conferences with instructors or peer mentors to discuss concepts and application. Emphasis is on developing positive (and eliminating negative) behaviors.

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