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Academic Advising

The mission of Kelley Academic Advising is to participate in the transformation of our students by providing a personal connection to their Kelley experience and promoting their academic success, professional development, and individual maturity. 

  • Kelley academic advisors work with students as they identify and pursue their individual goals while supporting and challenging them to:
    • Demonstrate professionalism and accountability, by taking responsibility for their own college experience
    • Effectively manage their academic planning in order to participate in enriching educational experiences and graduate in a timely way
    • Identify and utilize academic and enrollment policies and procedures
  • Kelley academic advisors participate in extensive training and ongoing professional development in order to:
    • Communicate accurate information about degree requirements, IU/Kelley policies and procedures
    • Demonstrate the awareness and skills associated with communication, equitable interventions, and cultural competence
    • Apply concepts and best practices related to advising, student development, and professional development
  • The Kelley academic advising administrators manage the direction and day-to-day operations of the program in order to:
    • Maintain the accuracy, storage, security, and accessibility of student records and data associated with Kelley Advising
    • Ensure the functioning, maintenance, and access to advising-related resources
    • Collaborate with Kelley and campus partners to provide the best possible experience for students and staff
    • Implement, institutionalize, and document policies and best practices related to advising
    • Provide training and professional development for advisors
    • Engage in ongoing assessment and improvement
Contact Information for Kelley Academic Advising
Admitted Kelley Students
Current or Prospective Business Honors Students
  • Schedule 30-minute planning appointments at HH 3035 or (812) 855-2614
  • Participate in drop-in advising in HH 3038, Mon-Fri, 10-11:30AM
  • Find out more about the Business Honors Program at
Students interested in Kelley International Programs
Non-business majors pursuing a Business Minor or the Business Foundations Certificate
  • Participate in drop-in advising in HH 3035, Mon-Fri, 9:30-11:30AM
Prospective students, from other IU or non-IU schools and units

Academic Bulletins

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