Kelley School of Business - Bloomington

Undergraduate Program Staff, Bloomington


Chairperson, Undergraduate Program: Ramesh Venkataraman, Ph.D. (University of Arizona, 1995)

Director, Undergraduate Program: Luke Leftwich, M.S. (Purdue University, 2006)

Administrative and Accounting Support: Teresa Hayden

Admissions & Prospective Students

Associate Director, Undergraduate Program (Recruitment & Admission) and Director of Admissions: Megan Ray, M.A. (Michigan State University, 1995)

  • Associate Director of Admissions: Jennifer Pardue, B.G.S. (Indiana University, 2008)
  • Associate Director of Admissions: Anna Deeds, M.S. (Indiana University, 2011)
  • Associate Director of Admissions:  TBD
  • Assistant Director of Admissions: TBD
  • Admissions Services Coordinator: Linda Hansel
Advising, Curriculum, & Enrollment for Current Students

Associate Director, Undergraduate Program (Advising & Curriculum) and Director of Academic Advising: Gail Fairfield, B.A. (Luther College, 1971)

  • Academic Advisor: Sonya Cary, M.A. (Florida Atlantic University, 1989)
  • Academic Advisor: Janice Chang, M.S. (Indiana University, 2012)
  • Academic Advisor: Justine D'Amico, M.A. (Indiana University, 2003)
  • Academic Advisor: Kate Garrett, M.A. (University of Iowa, 2010)
  • Academic Advisor: Amber Johnston, M.S. (Indiana State University, 2003)
  • Academic Advisor: Amanda Karls, M.Ed. (University of Kentucky, 2011)
  • Academic Advisor: Lauren McCants, M.S. (University of Pennsylvania, 2011)
  • Academic Advisor: Evelyn Meisell, M.Ed. (University of Texas at Austin, 2011)
  • Academic Advisor: Melvin Mendoza, M.S. (East Carolina University, 2012)
  • Academic Advisor: Andrew Schwartz, Ph.D. (State University of New York at Buffalo, 2003)
  • Academic Advisor: Christin Sparks, B.S. (Indiana University, 2011)
  • Academic Advisor: Andrea Tomaso, M.A. (Indiana University, 2010)
  • Academic Advisor: Sharlene Toney, M.S.W. (Indiana University, 2003)
  • Academic Advising Support: Nick Karls
  • Academic Advising Support: Amber Schaad
  • I-Core Support: Joyce Hanson
  • Records Administration, Recorder: Cathy Gilbert
  • Records Administration, Assistant Recorder: Becky Baugh

Director, Business Honors Program: Alison Kvetko, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2005)

  • Business Honors Academic Advisor: Gary Raad, M.A. (Denver Seminary, 1978)

Director, International Programs: Laurie Colglazier, M.S. (Indiana University, 2006)

  • Associate Director of International Programs and Study Abroad Advisor: Tia Trueblood, M.A. (Indiana University, 2009)
  • Assistant Director of International Programs and Study Abroad Advisor: Sarah Boeving, M.A. (Columbia University, 2007)
  • Assistant Director of International Programs and Study Abroad Advisor: Jessica Zerrer, M.A. (Indiana University, 2011)
Kelley Living & Learning Center
  • Director, Kelley Living and Learning Center: JoAnne Namy, B.A. (Northwestern University, 1964)
  • Associate Director, Kelley Living and Learning Center, Adam Herman, M.A. (Eastern Michigan University, 2006)
  • Kelley Living and Learning Center Coordinator: Karen Grant
Student Engagement & Scholarships
  • Assistant Director, Undergraduate Program (Student Engagement): Jim F. Johnson, M.S. (Indiana University, 1997)
  • Special Projects: Amanda K. Denton, M.S. (Indiana University, 1998)
  • Manager of Scholarships: Missty Warren, M.S. (Indiana University, 2006)
  • Manager of Student Engagement: Alli Frazier, M.S. (Indiana University, 2008)
  • Student Engagement Support: Lisa Klow
Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives
  • Emily Dutton, M.S. (Indiana University, 2006)
  • Nissy Stetson-Grace, M.P.A. (Indiana University, 2000)

Academic Bulletins

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