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Overseas Study Programs

Journalism students are encouraged to make overseas study a part of their regular degree program. Students can spend a full academic year, a semester, or a summer abroad earning IU credits while enrolled in outstanding foreign universities. IU offers more than 80 overseas study programs in 17 languages (including English) in 37 countries and in nearly every field of study. For example, students can study Renaissance art in Florence, international politics in Aix-en-Provence, English history in Canterbury, international news gathering in London, tropical biology in Costa Rica, or Spanish in Cuernavaca.

Some programs require a strong foreign language background so that students can attend regular courses in the host university. Others, especially summer programs, provide intensive language instruction as part of the program. A number of semester programs offer courses in English on international topics such as environmental policy. Indiana University grants direct credit for all IU-sponsored programs so that students can continue normal academic progress while abroad. Journalism students usually satisfy breadth of inquiry, culture studies and elective requirements abroad. IU overseas credit may be counted toward the senior residency requirement, and students may apply IU financial aid to all program costs. There are special study-abroad scholarships for certain programs, minority students, and students from IU’s nonresidential campuses.

Students who are interested in overseas study should begin planning early in their first year to include study abroad in a degree program. For more information, visit the Overseas Study Information Center (which is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday in Franklin Hall 303), call (812) 855-9304, or contact overseas study coordinators on other IU campuses.

Journalism Travel Experiences

Journalism students also have the opportunity to travel through several courses offered by the School of Journalism. The school offers spring and summer travel courses that visit a variety of domestic and international locations and cover different topics within the field. Course offerings are subject to change but have included travel to Chile, Kenya, Texas, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Europe. The spring semester courses meet for the entire spring semester on the Bloomington campus, and the group travels for a week or two over spring break or at the end of the semester. The summer semester courses spend a portion of the term meeting in the classroom and a portion on-location. Students interested in enrolling in these courses must submit an application in the fall semester.

The School of Journalism also offers an eight-week honors summer program of study in London, which includes a media internship and a course on international media. Applications for this program are limited to sophomore Ernie Pyle Scholars and members of the Hutton Honors College and are available in the fall semester.

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