English Composition

Course Characteristics

  1. Courses fulfilling the Composition proficiency requirement should
    • emphasize formal instruction in writing that integrates reading, thinking, and writing skills transferable to a wide variety of college courses and experiences students will encounter;
    • include at least a full semester sequence of frequent and regular writing assignments that build sequentially on students' ability to read critically, summarize, apply, analyze, and synthesize what they have read, discussed, and researched;
    • emphasize the development of students' ideas in the context of ongoing cultural, scholarly, and professional "conversations," clarity of expression, and organization, in addition to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citation;
    • involve rigorous draft feedback and evaluation using appropriate rubrics.
  2. Courses approved for the Writing: English Composition requirement must have extensive and well-conceived systems for course development and review and for the preparation and ongoing supervision of all instructors.
  3. Courses approved for the requirement must be taught in section sizes that permit directed rewriting and careful evaluation (25 or fewer).
  4. Such courses are to be distinguished from Intensive Writing courses beyond the 100 level in which students typically learn formats and conventions particular to specific disciplines and professions and/or use writing as a way of understanding particular course concepts. Courses approved for the English Composition requirement will serve as prerequisites for such Intensive Writing courses.
  5. Currently no courses fulfilling the English Composition requirement have been approved for meeting any other Common Ground requirement.

Courses that fulfill the GenEd English Composition requirement

Academic Bulletins

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