Degree Requirements

Early Field Experience Requirements

Students seeking Indiana licensure in teacher education are required to complete field experiences in which they observe and participate in classrooms and youth-serving agencies. These activities are offered as co-requisites to other professional education courses. Most sites are within a 60 mile radius and closer to Bloomington, and several visits are required each semester. Students who anticipate difficulty in finding transportation to field sites should work with the Office of Clinical Experiences (ED 1000) to make arrangements, including but not limited to carpooling. A fee is assessed in connection with these field experiences.

All sites require a criminal history check that students purchase to be allowed to participate. Placement sites may deny a field placement or student teaching assignment based on a misdemeanor or felony conviction. Individual school sites may require proof of a recent physical exam, TB test, drug test, and first aid/CPR training before participating in field placements and student teaching.

Some school corporations (such as Indianapolis Public Schools) require an additional criminal history check from a specific vendor (and want updates every 6 months) which may result in the need to purchase additional checks for placements in those districts prior to the student's field experience or student teaching.

Criminal History Check procedures evolve continually at both the state and local/school corporation levels. The student should expect to be required to purchase criminal history checks for employment and throughout their teaching career. Criminal records may have an adverse effect on a student's ability to obtain employment and the state will hold a hearing to permanently revoke the license of individuals who have specific convictions--see Indiana Code 20-28-5-8.

For more information about early field experiences, refer to the Field Experience webpage.

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