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All-grades Education Programs

The All-grades programs in music education, visual arts, and world language education lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in those content fields. The Jacobs School of Music offers the degree program in that respective field. Detailed information and advising about that particular programsis provided by Jacob School of Music.

Successful completion of the Bachelor degree in music education, visual arts or world language program requires meeting both academic content and performance-based standards, as assessed at different points by the respective schools. The All-grades teacher license in Indiana mandates a content field; a target population at developmental levels of early and middle childhood, early and late adolescence and young adulthood; and multiple assignments in the school settings of kindergarten, elementary, middle school/junior high or high school grades Preschool - 12 (P-12).

The All-grades programs include general education, content, and professional education components and require a total of 120 credits to complete. Information on each program can be found at the following links:

Information concerning program and course requirements can be obtained by visiting the Undergraduate Portal Program Sheets webpage.

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