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License Additions

Students completing a primary teaching license may add a license addition. Current additions range between 18 and 32 credits. It may not be possible to complete the additions as part of the basic 120 credit hour degree plan. See a School of Education Academic Advisor for program details.

  • Computer Educator License Addition: The Computer Educator License (CEL) program will equip teachers to use technology integration methods, manage a computer lab, and provide enrichment experiences for students in settings at the same level as their original license. The license addition also permits secondary teachers to teach specific technology courses in middle, junior, and high school settings. The program is available to teacher candidates who are completing an initial license in a recognized Teacher Education Program. 
  • English as a New Language License Addition: A license addition in English as a New Language (ENL) will prepare teachers to work with students of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds in the classroom. Candidates must demonstrate oral proficiency in English as well as competence in a world language equivalent to two semesters of university world language or two years of high school world language.  
  • Health Education License Addition: Contact the School of Public Health for details. 
  • Journalism License Addition: This license addition is available to students completing a Secondary or All-grades settings primary license. The journalism addition prepares students to supervise student media publications.
  • Mathematics Middle Grades License Addition: This program is available to students who are interested in teaching mathematics in departmentalized middle schools. 
  • Reading License Addition: Students interested in specializing in reading instruction may add this to their primary license program. The program features linguistics, professional roles, methods, and a practicum. 
  • Theatre License Addition: Secondary license students can add the theatre license addition to their program in order to teach theatre arts. 

Information concerning program and course requirements can be obtained by visiting the Undergraduate Portal Program Sheets webpage.

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