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School of Continuing Studies 2001-2003 Bulletin

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School of Continuing Studies 2001-2003 Bulletin Table of Contents

School of
Continuing Studies
Academic Bulletin

School of Continuing Studies 
Director of General Studies 
Indiana University Bloomington 
Owen Hall 101 
790 E. Kirkwood Avenue 
Bloomington, IN 47405-7101 
Toll Free: (800) 334-1011 
Fax: (812) 855-8680 Local: (812) 855-2292 
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Academic Policies

Graduate Credit Hours
Remedial Course Work
Students with Disabilities

Graduate Credit Hours

You may apply a maximum of 6 graduate credit hours to the B.G.S. To apply more than 6 graduate credit hours, you must obtain approval from the School of Continuing Studies dean.

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Remedial Course Work

Remedial courses are not college-level courses and therefore do not count toward the A.A. in General Studies and B.G.S.

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Students with Disabilities

Indiana University provides reasonable disability support services and/or auxiliary aids that facilitate the education of eligible students with temporary or permanent disabilities. The extent to which the university supplies these services is based on individual needs as supported by documentation and on academic requirements of the course(s). Consistent with federal law, students seeking any accommodation for completion of lesson assignments and examinations must provide documentation of the disability to the General Studies Degree Program within 45 days of admission. Contact the appropriate administrative office on your campus for assistance.

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As a student in the General Studies Degree Program, you receive guidance from a counselor. Consult with your counselor as an integral part of your School of Continuing Studies enrollment process. The counselor helps you formulate a plan of study, which includes the required and elective courses you must take to earn your degree.

Talk to your counselor about the most effective way(s) to fulfill your fundamental skills competency and course distribution requirements (see page 10). Options include taking specific courses; completing a self-acquired competency (SAC) portfolio (see page 12); taking College-Level Examination Programs (CLEP), Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES) examinations, or departmental examinations; and departmental exemption.

Important: Although you are encouraged to seek the advice of a general studies counselor, you are responsible for planning your own program and for meeting the degree requirements for graduation. Familiarize yourself with the following sections in this bulletin Requirements for the A.A. in General Studies and B.G.S, Fundamental Skills Competency and Course Distribution Requirements, and Academic Policies.

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