Direct Admission

Each year, the College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the achievements of a small number of outstanding incoming freshmen by extending to these future scholars invitations of direct admission. Students honored with this distinction are among the most talented and accomplished undergraduates pursuing studies in the arts, humanities, languages, mathematics, sciences, and social sciences.

Direct Admission allows these highly motivated, intellectually curious, and dedicated individuals the opportunity to declare their major immediately and begin their studies as College of Arts and Sciences students at the very start of their freshman year. Early entrance to the College provides them access to academic advisors, faculty, and departmental resources within their chosen field(s) of study. Direct Admission students embody a record of achievement, enthusiasm for learning, and scholarly potential, suggesting they will benefit from a focused start to their studies. 

Competitive candidates will be students admitted to IU who have indicated a major in the Arts and Sciences on the IU Freshman Application for Admission and who are qualified based on a combination of minimum SAT or ACT score and GPA or class rank. 

Select incoming freshmen who have received invitations of Direct Admission may be eligible to apply for merit-based scholarships within the College. Students must complete a Selective Scholarship Application (SSA) in order to be considered.

For more information, visit the Direct Admission to the College website.