Direct Admission

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the achievements of a small number of outstanding incoming freshmen each year by extending to them invitations of direct admission. Most students who are admitted to Indiana University begin their studies in the University Division, where they must complete certain requirements before they can enter the College of Arts and Sciences. Direct admission enables invited students, who are chosen by the College’s selection committee, to bypass University Division and, instead, enter immediately into the College. Such students can declare a major at the start of their freshman year.

Students interested in being considered for direct admission to the College should first apply for admission to IU Bloomington through the Office of Admissions. Students admitted to the Bloomington campus by the deadline (see Web site for exact date) who have indicated an intended major in the College of Arts and Sciences and who meet initial eligibility criteria are invited, via email and in the IU admission packet, to complete IU’s multi-purpose application packet known as the Selective Scholarship Application (SSA). The SSA (including the required letters of recommendation) must be completed and returned by the date specified on the application for consideration for direct admission.

Students admitted to IU Bloomington by the deadline who do not receive an invitation to complete the online SSA may petition for the opportunity to be considered for direct admission. Contact the College’s Office of Undergraduate Recruitment for more details by sending an email to coasinfo [at] indiana [dot] edu.

More information about direct admission to the College of Arts and Sciences is available at