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Political Science

Major in Political Science

Required Courses

Students must complete 30 credit hours in political science, including:

1. Y205; it is recommended that this course be taken in the first 9 credit hours of coursework in political science.

2. At least 15 credit hours of 300- and 400-level political science courses, excluding Y480, Y481, Y484, Y496, and Y499.

  • At least one course in American politics or public policy, law, and administration (Y301–Y320, Y324–Y326, Y349, Y373, Y394)
  • At least one course in comparative politics or international relations (Y332–Y348, Y350–Y372, Y374–Y376, Y407).
  • At least one course in political theory and methodology (Y379, Y381–Y388, Y395, Y405, Y406)

3. One Y490 Senior Seminar.

No more than 6 credit hours of 100-level courses and 9 combined credit hours of Y200 and Y401 (courses with variable topics) may be included in the 30 credit hours.

Note: Y200 and Y401 may be repeated only once for credit.

Students must complete the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The department encourages students to consider internships, overseas study, and service learning as complements to their major in political science.