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French and Italian

Major in French

Required Courses

Students must complete 29 credit hours in French courses above F100-F150, including:

  1. F313.
  2. 6 credit hours from F305, F306, F361, F362, F363, F375.
  3. At least 11 credit hours in fourth-year courses, including at least two 3 credit hour courses taken on the Bloomington campus, exclusive of F495.

The departmental course offerings permit French majors to focus their study on the French language (F313-F314, F315-F316, F474, F475), French literature (F305, F306, F375, F410 through F459), Francophone civilization (F361-F362, F363, F460 through F464), or any combination of the above.

Students must complete the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.