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Related Courses

One of the following courses may be included in the English major.

African American and African Diaspora Studies

AAAD-A 379 Early Black American Writing (3 cr.) CASE A&H, CASE DUS

AAAD-A 380 Contemporary Black American Writing (3 cr.) CASE A & H, CASE DUS

AAAD-A 479 Contemporary Black Poetry (3 cr.) CASE A&H

AAAD-A 480 The Black Novel (3 cr.) CASE A&H, CASE DUS

Folklore and Ethnomusicology

FOLK-F 430 Folklore and Related Disciplines (3 cr.) CASE S&H (Topic approval by director of undergraduate studies required.)


LING-L 103 Introduction to the Study of Language (3 cr.) CASE S&H

Theatre and Drama

THTR-T 453-T454 Playwriting I–II (3–3 cr.)

Any course at the 300 level or higher in ancient or modern literature in another language or in English or American history.

Double majors, not already counting any of the above-mentioned classes, may petition to have 3 credit hours of their other major included as part of their English major.