College of Arts and Sciences

  • DAVID ZARET, Ph.D., Interim Dean
  • ROBERT BECKER, Ph.D., Executive Associate Dean
  • JEAN C. ROBINSON, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Programs
  • STEPHEN M. WATT, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
  • CATHERINE PILACHOWSKI, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Program Development
  • ROBERT DE RUYTER, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research and Grants
  • KIRSTINE LINDEMANN, Ph.D., Senior Assistant Dean and Director of Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • DOUGLAS J. GOLDSTEIN, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Curriculum
  • TERRI A. GREENSLADE, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Academic Standards and Opportunities
  • W. DAVID HALLORAN, Ph.D., Assistant Dean and Coordinator of Student Retention
  • MITCHELL BYLER, M.M., Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Services
  • NASHARA MITCHELL, M.S., Assistant Director for Graduate Studies
  • CHRISTINE PUCKETT, B.S., Assistant Dean of Finance
  • SCOTT FEICKERT, M.S., Director of Enrollment Management
  • ULRIK KNUDSEN, B.S., Director of Computer Information Technology Office