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Master of Science in Healthcare Management

The Master of Science in Healthcare Management joint degree (36 credit hours) is aimed at recent college graduates who are seeking the skills and credentials that will enable them to obtain entry level positions (and then to progress quickly) in the healthcare management field. Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in Kelley and a minimum of 15 credit hours in O’Neill.

MSHM Requirement I: Kelley Core (18 credit hours)
BUS-X 545 Business Foundations Summer semester (6 cr.)
BUKD-C 580 Operations Management Fall semester, Online (3 cr.)
BUKD-C 522 Information Technology Spring semester, Online (3 cr.)
BUKD-X 520 Kelley Washington Campus Program Spring semester, Spring Break (3 cr.)
BUKD-X 531 Healthcare Operations Analytics Spring semester, Online (3 cr.)
MSHM Requirement II: O'Neill Core (15 credits)
SPEA-H 525 Health Economics for Policy & Management Fall semester (3 cr.)
SPEA-H 526  Healthcare Finance  Fall semester (3 cr.)
SPEA-H 549  Health Policy  Spring semester (3 cr.)
SPEA-V 550 Healthcare Leadership  Fall semester (3 cr.)
SPEA-V 600 Capstone in Public and Environmental Affairs  Spring semester (3 cr.)
MSHM Requirement III: Electives (3 cr.)

Students must choose at least three elective credit hours from the list provided below. Note that this list is not comprehensive and will continue to grow as course offerings expand.

BUKD-E 731 Supply Chain Management - Sourcing Online (3 cr.)
BUKD-E 735 Supply Chain Management:Project Management and Process Analysis  Online (3 cr.)
BUS-G 492 Predictive Analytics for Business Strategy 15 Weeks (3 cr.)
BUS-G 579 Business Economics and Public Policy 15 Weeks (3 cr.)
BUS-K 507 Intro to Spreadsheet Modeling 7 Weeks(1.5 cr.)
BUS-K 513 Predictive Analytics and Data Mining 7 Weeks(1.5 cr)
BUS-M 503 Marketing Research 7 Weeks(1.5 cr)
BUS-M 522 New Products Management 7 Weeks(1.5 cr)
BUS-M 530 Business Marketing Strategy and Management 7 Weeks(1.5 cr)
BUS-M 574 Pricing Management 7 Weeks(1.5 cr)
BUS-P 550 Business Process Design 7 Weeks(1.5 cr)
INFO-I 507 Intro to Health Informatics (3 cr.)
INFO-I 535 Management, Access, and Use of Big and Complex Data (3 cr.)
LAW-B 536 Health Law (3 cr.)
SPEA-H 527 International Healthcare Systems (3 cr.)
SPEA-M 547 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (3 cr.)
SPEA-N 522 Human Resource Mgmt in Nonprofit Organizations (3 cr.)
SPEA-N 525 Management in the Nonprofit Sector (3 cr.)
SPEA-N 558 Fund Development for Nonprofits (3 cr.)
SPEA-P 562 Public Program Evaluation (3 cr.)
SPEA-V 557 Proposal Development and Grant Administration (3 cr.)
SPEA-V 585 Practicum in Public Affairs In Healthcare Management (3 cr.)
SPH-B 650 Public Health Policy and Politics in the U.S. (3 cr.)

Academic Bulletins

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