Bloomington Campus

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Affairs

Major Fields

Students select one of the four SPEA Public Affairs major fields (identified below) to prepare for their qualifying examinations. For this field, the student must complete required courses and approved electives.

Public Management

The design and operation of government and not-for-profit institutions, including strategic/operations management and interrelationships between public, private, and civil society organizations.

Required courses:

SPEA-M 671 Public Organization and Management I (3 cr.)
SPEA-P 710 Topics in Public Policy - Public Organization and Management III (3 cr.)
Public Finance

The theory and practice of fiscal administration, including public budgeting, revenue administration, and financial management.

Required courses:
SPEA-F 666 Public Revenue (3 cr.)
SPEA-F 668 Seminar in Public Budgeting (3 cr.)
Public Policy Analysis

Research methods and quantitative techniques for policy analysis, including the content, design, and evaluation of public programs.

Required courses:
SPEA-P 664 Seminar in Policy Analysis (3 cr.)
SPEA-P 673 Public Policy Analysis and
Management Science/Operations Research
(3 cr.)
Environmental Policy

Economics, law, politics, and implementation of environmental policies in the United States and abroad.

Required courses:
SPEA-P 710 Policy
Topics in Public Policy:
Domestic Environmental Policy
SPEA-P 710 Topics in Public Policy:
International Environmental Policy
(3 cr.)
SPEA-R 625 Economics
Environmental Economics
(3 cr.)
SPEA-R 645 Law
Environmental Law
LAW-B 783 International Environmental Law
(3 cr.)

Academic Bulletins

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