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SPEA Alumni Association

SPEA has a strong commitment to its alumni and considers them among our most valued resources. The SPEA Office of Alumni Relations strives to maintain lifelong connections with our network of over 32,000 alumni. When SPEA graduates join the Indiana University Alumni Association, they automatically become members of the SPEA Alumni Association. The mission of the SPEA Alumni Association is to inspire and cultivate dynamic interactions among alumni, the school, and current students for the betterment of SPEA and the professions it serves. Some activities of the Association include the Capitol Hill Colloquium, annual social gatherings in Indianapolis, Denver, Chicago and Washington D.C., and networking and educational opportunities for SPEA alumni- nationally and globally. The association is also a sponsor of the SPEA Magazine, our e-newsletter, and manages an endowed scholarship that is awarded annually to SPEA undergraduate and graduate students. The SPEA Alumni Association is governed by an elected board of directors comprised of SPEA Alumni who represent diverse academic and geographic backgrounds. For more information, please visit

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