Special Programs

Honors Program

On the Bloomington campus, students are invited to join the Honors Program once they have been admitted to SPEA, completed 30 or more credit hours, earned both a SPEA and cumulative GPA of 3.700 or above, and meet any requirements of the Honors Program Director. In order to graduate with the diploma notation "With Public and Environmental Affairs Honors," SPEA students must fulfill one of two possible options:

Option one:

  • Complete the honors onboarding program
  • Maintain a sufficient level of engagement in honors co-curricular programming as defined and assessed by the Honors Program Director
  • Complete the honors research methods and design course
  • Complete the honors thesis course
  • Maintain both a SPEA and a cumulative GPA of 3.500 or above


Option two:

  • Successfully earn the Certificate in Applied Research and Inquiry
  • Submit and present an honors thesis
  • Maintain both a SPEA and a cumulative GPA of 3.500 or above

On the Indianapolis campus, information regarding the IUPUI Honors College can be found on the SPEA-IUPUI bulletin website at Benefits of this program include advanced coursework, opportunities for community service, interaction with like-minded students, participation in honors events and the IUPUI Honor Societies, eligibility for residence in the IUPUI Honors House, opportunities for research with faculty, and funding to support academic-related research and travel.

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