Professional Optometry Degree Program (OD)

Honors & Awards

Indiana University Doctor of Optometry (OD) students are eligible for a number of awards and honors, including cash, plaques, equipment, expense-paid trips, and other visible rewards of excellence. A number of the awards require a specific application, while other awards are made without students knowing they were being considered. Several other awards are decided solely by the Awards & Honors Committee, are selected by consensus of clinical faculty, or are chosen by a vote of instructors, staff and peers. Additional awards are the result of nationwide competitions.

It is important to note that some awards, especially those offered by  ophthalmic companies, might vary from year to year. Students must submit an appropriate paper for consideration, have achieved overall academic excellence, have exhibited a particular clinical proficiency, or have financial need.

The Office of Student Administration works closely with the Awards & Honors Committee to inform students (typically by email) of opportunities, deadlines, and details of the various awards. Please direct any questions to the Office of Student Administration in OP 231 by phone at 812-855-1917 or at

Academic Bulletins

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