Professional Optometry Degree Program (OD)


The Admissions Timetable

The regular application period for students entering with or without a bachelor's degree begins approximately on July 1 and ends on January 15th . It is recommneded that supplmental application (eApp) also be completed at this time as well. Admission Day invitations begin in September and continues through April. A rolling admissions process is used, and the selection process is usually completed by June.  A new class begins each fall.

Deposit Policy

Students admitted to the Doctor of Optometry program are required to pay an enrollment deposit of $500. This fee is due as directed in admission letters before the start of the program. If the student enrolls in the IU School of Optometry, the deposit will be applied to the student’s tuition. If the student does not enroll, the deposit is not refunded.

Academic Bulletins

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