Optician/Technician Program

Degree Requirements

The non-TOPT-V-lettered courses are offered outside of the School of Optometry and may be taken before or after completing the V-lettered technology courses.

Optician/Technician Certificate Program

Two Semesters, 29 Credit Hours
First Semester
TOPT-V111 Optical Concepts & Properties 3
TOPT-V151 Ophthalmic Procedures 1 4
TOPT-V174 Office Procedures 3
TOPT-V201 Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye 3
Total 13
Second Semester
TOPT-V121 P: TOPT-V111 or VSCI-V250 Ophthalmic Lens Laboratory Procedures 3
TOPT-V131 P: TOPT-V111 Ophthalmic Optics 3
TOPT-V153 Ophthalmic Dispensing 3
TOPT-V251 P: TOPT-V151 Ophthalmic Procedures 2 3
VSCI-V232 P: TOPT-V201 or VSCI-V250 Contact Lens and Ocular Refractive Corrections 3
TOPT-V155 P or C: TOPT-V121, V131, and V153 Introduction to Clinic 1
Total 16

Optional Associate of Science degree in Optometric Technology/Opticianry

Minimum of 60 Credit Hours

Build on the certificate and earn an Associate of Science degree in Optometric Technology/Opticianry.

  •       Completion of all courses required for the certificate with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above (29 credit hours).
  •       ENG-W131 English Composition or equivalent (3 credit hours).
  •       A psychology or sociology course (3 credit hours).
  •       TOPT-V254 Clinic Practicum 1 (4 credit hours).
  •       Additional TOPT practicum courses and/or general education courses to meet the 60 credit hour minimum.

Minimum total credit hours required for A.S. degree: 60

Pass/Fail Restrictions:

No course listed as required for graduation may be taken Pass/Fail. This includes courses within the School of Optometry as well as those requirements which are selected by the student from generalized groups of courses offered outside the School of Optometry.

Opticians’ Laboratory Courses

TOPT-V210 Fabrication Practicum I (3 cr.)
TOPT-V211 Fabrication Practicum II (3 cr.)

Students may elect to take the opticians’ laboratory courses to count toward the 60 credit hours required for the Associate of Science degree.

Academic Regulations

Academic standards are listed in the Optician/Technician Program’s student handbook and are consistent with University Division academic standards. The program's handbook can be found on the IUSO website.

Academic Bulletins

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