Primary Faculty

  • Bedwell, Anna Indiana University, 2010), Visiting Clinical Lecturer Professor of Optometry
  • Begley, Carolyn G., M.S. (Indiana University, 1979), O.D. (1983), Professor of Optometry
  • Bonanno, Joseph A., O.D. (University of California, Berkeley, 1981), Ph.D. (1987), Professor of Optometry and Dean of the School of Optometry
  • Bradley, Arthur, Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley, 1983), Professor of Optometry
  • Braun, Mark W., M.D. (Indiana University, 1975), M.S. (1997), Professor of Medical Pathology (part-time), Director of Medical Pathology, Medical Sciences Program, and Professor of Optometry (part-time)
  • Brooks, Clifford W., O.D. (Indiana University, 1971), Professor of Optometry and Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Administration 
  • Burns, Stephen A., Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1977), Professor of Optometry and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs
  • Candy, T. Rowan, B.Sc. (University of Wales, 1989), Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley, 1997), Associate Professor of Optometry 
  • Elsner, Ann E., Ph.D. (University of Oregon, 1981) Professor of Optometry and Associate Dean for Research
  • Goss, David A., O.D. (Pacific University, 1974), Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1980), Professor of Optometry
  • Grogg, Jane Ann, O.D. (Indiana University, 1994), Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry and Chief of Advanced Ocular Care Service
  • Hassan, Shirin E., Ph.D. (Queensland University of Technology, 2001), Assistant Professor of Optometry
  • Henderson, Patricia A., O.D. (Indiana University, 1985), Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry
  • Himebaugh, Nikole L., O.D. (Indiana University, 1995), Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2007), Lecturer, School of Optometry
  • Hitzeman, Steven A., O.D. (Indiana University, 1976), Clinical Associate Professor
  • Horner, Douglas G., O.D. (Pacific University, 1974), M.S. (University of Houston, 1983), Ph.D. (1987), Associate Professor of Optometry
  • Jarrard, Paula D., M.S. (University of Southern Indiana, 2006), Adjunct Clinical Lecturer, Indiana University School of Optometry, Bloomington, IN
  • King, Brett, O.D. (Indiana University, 1998) Clinicial Associate Professor
  • Kohne, Kimberly, O.D. (University of Missouri, St. Louis, College of Optometry, 2004), Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry and Chief of Primary Care in Bloomington
  • Kollbaum, Elli J., O.D. (Indiana University, 1997), Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry, Chief of Vision Rehabilitation Service and Director of Externships
  • Kollbaum, Peter S., O.D. (Indiana University, 1999), M.S. (Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis, 2007), Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2007) Assistant Professor of Optometry
  • Kovacich, Susan, O.D. (Indiana University, 1987), Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry and Chief of Cornea and Contact Lens Services.
  • Lyon, Don W., O.D. (Indiana University, 1999), Clinical Professor of Optometry, Chief of Pediatric and Binocular Vision Service, Director of Residencies
  • Malinovsky, Victor E., O.D. (Indiana University, 1973), Clinical Professor of Optometry
  • Marshall, Edwin C., O.D. (Indiana University, 1971), M.S. (1979), M.P.H. (University of North Carolina, 1982),  Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs; Indiana University, Professor of Optometry and Adjunct Professor of Public Health, School of Medicine
  • McConnaha, Debra L., O.D. (Indiana University, 1984), Adjunct Clinical Lecturer
  • Meetz, Richard E., O.D. (Indiana University, 1976), M.S. (University of Michigan, 1988), Clinical Professor of Optometry
  • Miller, Donald T., Ph.D. (University of Rochester, 1995), Professor of Optometry
  • Page, Jennifer G., O.D. (Indiana University, 2002), Clinical Assistant Professor of Optometry
  • Peabody, Todd, O.D. (Indiana University, 2003), Clinical Assistant Professor of Optometry, Director of Continuing Education
  • Petrig, Benno, Ph.D. (ETJ Zurich, Switzerland, 1980) Optical Engineer and Senior Scientist of Optometry
  • Pence, Neil A., O.D. (Indiana University, 1979), Lecturer in Optometry, Associate Dean for Clinical and Patient Care Services
  • Perotti, Jeffrey, O.D.  (Indiana University, 1997), Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry
  • Pickel, Jr., Merle K., O.D. (Indiana University, 1970), Optometrist, Brown County Eye Care Center, Nashville, IN, and Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Optometry
  • Pickel, Sandra A.S., B.G.S. (Indiana University, 1982), Senior Lecturer in Optometry and Director of the Optician/Optometric Technician Program
  • Plass, Deborah J., O.D. (Indiana University, 1996), Clinical Assistant Professor of Optometry
  • Port, Nicholas L., Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1997), Assistant Professor of Optometry
  • Sansone, Jacqueline M., O.D. (The Ohio State University College of Optometry, 1992), Adjunct Clinical Lecturer
  • Soni, P. Sarita, O.D. (Indiana University, 1976), M.S. (1978), Professor of Optometry and Associate Vice President and Vice Provost for Research, Indiana University
  • Srinivas, S.P., M.S. (I.I.T., India, 1982), Ph.D. (Drexel University, 1987), Associate Professor of Optometry
  • Sutton, Bradley M., O.D. (Indiana University, 1993), Clinical Professor of Optometry, and Service Chief of Indianapolis Eye Care Center
  • Swanson, William, Ph.D. (University of Chicago, 1984), Professor of Optometry
  • Tonekaboni, Khashayar, O.D. (Southern College of Optometry, 1987), Clinical Assistant Professor of Optometry
  • Torbit, Julie K., O.D. (Indiana University, 1993), Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry
  • Waltz, Kevin L., O.D. (Indiana University, 1981), M.D. (Meharry Medical College, 1987), Adjunct Clinical Professor of Optometry

Academic Bulletins

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