Professional Optometry Degree Program (OD)

Honors & Awards

Graduation with Honors

The Doctor of Optometry degree is awarded with honors to students who have demonstrated laudatory scholarship in their professional studies. Similarly, the Bachelor of Science in Optometry degree is granted with distinction. The specific honor is noted on the graduate’s diploma. The cumulative grade point averages and the corresponding citations are 3.70, with honors; 3.80, with high honors; 3.90, with highest honors. Corresponding levels prevail for the B.S. and B.A. degrees.

Awards and Recognitions

Each year, many awards are presented to School of Optometry students. Periodically, students will receive notices regarding eligibility and application deadlines. Inquiries should be directed to the School of Optometry’s Office of Student Administration or to the faculty chairperson of the Awards and Honors Committee. It is especially important for students to explore grants, scholarships, or other financial support available from their home states.

The following list describes a representative sample of the awards; it should be noted, however, that the actual list of awards may vary from year to year and that not all awards are automatically presented each year. The awards are listed according to eligibility categories. A complete listing is available at www.opt.

First-Year O.D. Students

Bell-Duffens Optical and Indiana Ophthalmics: Student Indiana Optometric Association Awards

Indiana Affiliate of the American Foundation for Vision Awareness: Jane Hofstetter Award

Third-Year O.D. Students

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Scott Scholarship

J. Thomas Eade, O.D., Fund

Jack W. Bennett Endowed Scholarship

Jack W. Bennett, O.D., Humanitarian Award

John Hitchcock Memorial Scholarship

Kentucky Optometric Foundation Scholarship

Roger W. Reading Endowed Award

Varilux Student Grant Award

Vision Service Plan Scholarships

Wal-Mart Optical Division Educational Scholarship

Fourth-Year O.D. Students

Alcon Scholarship Award

Andrya Lowther Scholarship

Beta Sigma Kappa: Silver Medal Award

Brett Swanda, O.D., Scholarship

Corning Low Vision Award

David H. Kolack, O.D., Award

Designs for Vision, Inc.: William Feinbloom Low Vision Award

Dr. Henry Hofstetter Scholarship Award

Essilor of America Award of Excellence

Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Optometry: John P. Davey Memorial Award and Roy E. Denny Award

Indiana University Optometric Student Association Past President’s Award

Jack W. Bennett, O.D., Humanitarian Award

LWW Vision Care New O.D. Scholarship

Marchon Eyewear Practice Management Award

Rigid Gas Permeable Lens Institute Award

Vistakon: Excellence Award

Wal-Mart Optical Division Educational Scholarship

Many state affiliates of the American Foundation for Vision Awareness offer scholarships to students who are residents of that state. In addition to the awards listed here, scholarships, fellowships, and loans are available through the School of Optometry’s financial aid administrator.

Academic Bulletins

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