Indiana University School of Medicine—Evansville

Assistant Dean and Director: Professor Becker

Evansville, Indiana’s third largest city, is the economic, retail, and manufacturing hub of the three-state area serving northwestern Kentucky, southeastern Illinois, and southwestern Indiana. It is an area undergoing rapid growth and expansion through which the Ohio River flows as both artery of commerce and backdrop for cultural and recreational activities.

Because the region’s principal medical referral center is Evansville, our students have access to the expertise of the physicians and specialists who staff the city’s clinics and hospitals. Over 200 of these physicians are members of the clinical faculty, providing instruction in the first- and second-year curricula, third-year family practice clerkships, and fourth-year senior electives. A substantial number of these volunteers are Indiana University School of Medicine—Evansville (IUSM-E) alumni.

IUSM-E occupies the third floor of the Health Professions Center at the University of Southern Indiana. In addition to offices and research facilities, other features include two tiered classrooms, a multipurpose teaching lab, a gross anatomy lab (with showers for post-dissection clean-up), a center library with a dedicated computer room, private study rooms and carrels, and a student lounge.

Campus-based faculty members guide students through the courses that form the framework for their understanding of medicine. First-year students begin their course work with Biochemistry, Gross Anatomy, Histology, and Introduction to Medicine I: Patient-Doctor Relationship. Second semester courses are Physiology, Microbiology/Immunology, Neurobiology, and Introduction to Medicine I: Patient-Doctor Relationship.

The second-year student advances to Pharmacology, General Pathology, and the self-study Biostatistics tutorial in the first semester, and returns from semester break to Medical Genetics and Systemic Pathology. The backbone course of the second year, Introduction to Medicine II, begins in late August and ends in early May.

Enhancing the student-to-physician/instructor dialogue are IUSM-E-sponsored seminars, hospital grand rounds, continuing medical education symposia, the summer research studies for qualified students, and social events with members of the medical community and the Vanderburgh County Medical Society. Through the teaching hospitals, Deaconess and St. Mary’s, students have a wide choice of third-year clerkships and fourth-year electives. Students who are interested in a family practice residency may elect to take the majority of their senior electives in Evansville.

The University of Southern Indiana (USI), IUSM-E’s state-supported host institution, is the fastest growing of Indiana’s colleges and universities. Offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs, USI’s enrollment exceeds 10,000. IUSM-E students are accorded special graduate student status entitling them to take advantage of the academic, entertainment, athletic, and recreational facilities available to USI students.

The Evansville campus seeks to help students not only realize their goals of attaining an M.D., but also appreciate the art of practicing medicine. Please visit our website at http://evansville.medicine.iu.edu/.

For additional information concerning the Evansville campus, contact:
Rex D. Stith, Ph.D.
Health Professions Center, 3rd floor
Indiana University School of Medicine—Evansville
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