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Departmental Contact:  Kim Brian Lovejoy (317-274-2120)

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Program of Studies
Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing

This is a 20-hour program of study for certified middle school or high school teachers, part-time university writing faculty and lecturers in other disciplines, and M.A. students interested in earning a certificate in writing to enhance their professional teaching careers.

Major topics include theories and methods of teaching writing; understanding linquistic diversity; uses of technology in writing; social aspects of writing development; non-fiction writing; writing assessment; and teacher research. The certificate requires completion of five graduate courses consisting of one core course and four elective courses.

Graduate credits earned can be applied toward the M.A. in English, upon acceptance in the M.A.


Admission to the Certificate program would require one of the following: (1) State certification in middle school or high school teaching; (2) Current enrollment as a Graduate student at IUPUI; (3) Successful completion of an M.A. degree or higher at an accredited university; (4) Successful completion of a B.A. with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0) or the equivalent from an accredited institution.

Required Course

W509 Introduction to Writing and Literacy Studies (4 cr.)

Elective Courses: (16 cr.)

W500 Teaching Writing: Issues and Approaches (4 cr.)
W505 Graduate Creative Non-fiction Writing (4 cr.)
W508 Graduate Creative Writing for Teachers (4 cr.)
W510 Computers in Composition (4 cr.)
W531 Designing and Editing Visual Technical Communication (4 cr.)
W553 Theory and Practice of Exposition (4 cr.)
W590 Teaching Composition: Theory and Practice (4 cr.)
W600 Topics in Rhetoric and Composition: Language, Dialects, and Writing (4 cr.)
W605 The Writing Project Summer Institute (4 cr.)
W609 Individual Writing Projects (1-4 cr.)
W697 Independent Study in Writing (1-3 cr.) (Writing Project Advanced Institute)

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