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Medical Neuroscience



  • MNEU-N 800 Research in Medical Neurobiology (arr cr.)P: Consent of instructor with whom research is being done. Supervised literature and laboratory research in selected area(s) of medical neurobiology.
  • MNEU-N 801 Seminar: Topics in Medical Neurobiology (1 cr.) Required of all graduate students in program. Recent topics in medical neurobiology covered by literature and research reports and discussions by faculty, graduate students, and invited guest lecturers.
  • MNEU-N 880: Advanced Topics in Medical Neuroscience Courses (elective; 2 cr. ea.) More than one section can be taken for credit. Current sections (subject to change):
    • Principles of Neuroimmunology
    • Experimental Methods and Animal Models for Neuroscience Disorders
    • Molecular Biases and Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases
    • Synaptic Plasticity in the Central Nervous System


  • GRDM-G 780 Foundations of Neuroscience (6 cr.): This course provides an introduction to the nervous system and its disorders. The course will provide a broad-based introduction to the structure of the nervous system, its cellular composition and mechanisms through which neurons communicate and regulate behavior and cognition. The course incorporates an in-depth analysis of the current literature. 

Psychology (IUPUI)

  • PSY 60000 Statistical Inference (3 cr.)  This course introduces the foundations of inferential statistics, both parametric and nonparametric, including probability theory. Students study the general linear model, statistical analyses for inferences about mean differences (e.g., t-tests, ANOVA) and strengths of relation (e.g., correlation, regression), and their application to research.  Because Medical Neuroscience requires this course, the IBMG requirement of GRDM-G855 is waived.

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