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  • HLSC-H 599 Thesis in Health Sciences (3cr.) Individual investigation in the form of an organized scientific contribution or comprehensive analysis in a specified area related to health sciences.
  • HLSC-H 600 Project in Health Sciences (3cr.) Individual investigation in the form of an organized scientific contribution or a comprehensive analysis in a specified area related to the health sciences.
  • HLSC-H 660 Rehabilitation Theories and Application (3 cr.) This course explores theories common to all rehabilitation therapies and forms a foundation for rehabilitation sciences. Theories such as adaption to disease, cognition, disability, and injury are applied to rehabilitation practice and research design across the life span.
  • HLSC-H 661 Theory Application in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (3 cr.) P: HLSC-H660. This course will familiarize students with seminal and emerging health and rehabilitation related theories including those pertaining to disability, aging, health promotion and behavior, nursing, human development, goal setting, and motivation. Students will assess relationships between research, theory, practice, and intervention application, measurement, and assessment to health and rehabilitation professions.
  • HLSC-H 662 Health and Rehabilitation Systems Delivery (3 cr.) This course analyses emerging trends in health care systems and delivery associated with rehabilitation.  Areas to be covered include organizational infrastructures, finance, public policy, and implications for disparate patient populations.
  • HLSC-H 664 - The Professoriate for Health and Rehabilitation Professionals (3cr.) This course explores the professoriate for health and rehabilitation professionals through the framework of academic promotion and tenure. Discussion and assignments will have practical application and cover university systems and structure, assessment and accreditation, and the search, acquisition, and responsibilities (teaching, research, and service) of employment within the professoriate.
  • HLCS-H 670 Research Practicum in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (3-6 cr.) Instructional orientation to research; includes laboratory experience in the student’s concentration area. This course may be taken more than once.
  • HLCS-H 680 Independent Study in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (1-4 cr.) A course for students interested in specific interdisciplinary topics in health and rehabilitation sciences.
  • HLCS-H 690 Dissertation Proposal in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (3-9 cr.) Students will submit a written proposal for original scholarly work that makes a significant contribution to research in the field of health and rehabilitation sciences. Proposal to include introduction to topic, literature review, and indication of methodology. This course may be taken more than once.
  • HLCS-H 692 Dissertation in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (3-9 cr.) P: W690. Original scholarly dissertation that makes a significant contribution to the field of health and rehabilita­tion sciences. Topic to be selected by the student and his/her Research Committee.
  • HLCS-H 710 Special Topics in Health & Rehabilitation Science (3 cr.) This course provides students with an opportunity to engage in focused study of a substantive area of health and rehabilitation science directly related to the student’s identified area of theoretical and research interest.  May be repeated with the permission of the student’s advisory committee.
  • HLSC-H 760 - Design and Analysis of Rehabilitation Research (3cr.) Examines the typical designs and methods use in rehabilitation. The course will examine the strengths and weaknesses of each of the research models and designs considered. Also addresses issues of threats to internal and external validity. Measurement theory, reliability, and clinimetric properties of common measures used in health and rehabilitation will be addressed.

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