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Social Science Approaches to Health & Healing Systems (SAHS)

College of Arts and Sciences

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Ph.D. Minor in Social Science Approaches to Health and Healing Systems (SAHS)

The SAHS minor is a cross-departmental/school/campus program open to Ph.D. students at Indiana University (IUB and IUPUI campuses). It requires four courses (a minimum of 12 credit hours) from the approved list, including at least one of the following: S660 (Medical Sociology and Social Psychiatry, Part I or II, offered at IUB), SOC R515 (Sociology of Health and Illness, offered at IUPUI), SOC R585 (Social Aspects of Mental Health and Mental Illness, offered at IUPUI), or SOC R610 (Sociology of Health and Illness Behavior). Courses outside the currently approved list may be considered for the minor in consultation with the director. One of the courses included as part of the minor program may be from the student’s disci­plinary major. The minor is administered by the Department of Sociology, IUB. Interested students should consult with the director of the minor to develop a course plan.

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