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Human Sexuality

The Kinsey Institute and the Interdepartmental Graduate Committee on Human Sexuality

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Ph.D. Minor in Human Sexuality

This minor is co-directed by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction and the Interdepartmental Graduate Committee on Human Sexuality. The Human Sexuality Program offers a doctoral minor of 12 credits from related interdisciplinary subject areas. It is intended for students currently enrolled in a doctoral program, such as counseling, education, health behavior, psychology, gender studies, or sociology. Students should select an advisor for this minor from members of the Interdepartmental Graduate Committee, listed in the Bulletin, or from Kinsey Institute affiliated faculty (see webpage). One core course (K690, H555, or S522) is required, although all may be taken for credit toward the minor, with the remaining hours being selected, upon consent of the student’s minor area faculty advisor, from other courses that have a major emphasis on sexuality (example courses are listed below). The program provides a basic yet broad overview of human sexuality. The behavioral, biological, cultural, and social components of sexuality are examined, including the study of the role of sexuality in the arts and public policy. The program will be particularly useful for persons entering fields involving the social and behavioral sciences, education, health science and medicine, counseling and therapy, nursing, social work, humanities, criminal justice, and public policy.

Students interested in the Ph.D. Minor in Human Sexuality should check the Web site for up-to-date information about the minor, course offerings, and a list of affiliated faculty ( All students intending to complete the minor should contact Professor William L. Yarber, School of Public Health-Bloomington 142, (812) 855-7974, and/or Professor Justin R. Garcia, The Kinsey Institute, Morrison Hall 313, (812) 855-7686,

Core Courses

Kinsey Institute: KINS-K 690   Sexual Science Research Seminar (1-3 cr.)

Public Health: SPH-H 562   Issues in Human Sexuality and Health (3 cr.)

Sociology: SOC-S 522   Constructing Sexuality (3 cr.)

(See Courses for additional course examples.)

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