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Human Dimensions of Global and Environmental Change

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Ph.D. Minor in the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

The graduate minor will instruct students in theories and methods that combine the physical and social sciences on human dimensions of global environmental change (HDGEC). The curriculum, as described below, will familiarize students with (1) the history and concerns of human dimensions of global change research; (2) core theoretical dimensions of the study of coupled natural-human systems; and (3) fundamental methodological tools for human-environment research. Students will be expected to become familiar with GIS and/or remote sensing as tools in the analysis of global environmental change through both formal courses and hands-on apprentice­ship as part of team research projects.

Course Requirements

The Minor in Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change requires 12 credit hours of approved courses. The core course GEOG-G561 is required. Three credit hours of methods courses are required.  To complete the HDGEC Ph.D. minor, students must (1) complete the required credit hours in good standing and (2) have at least one member of the HDGEC Ph.D. minor core faculty serve on the student's Ph.D. advisory committee.  The director of the HDGEC Ph.D. minor can approve course substitutions for the core skills or elective requirements.

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