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Film Studies



Communication and Culture

C503 Introduction to Media Theory and Aesthetics (3 cr.)
C506 Methods of Media Research (3 cr.)
C552 Media Institutions and the Production of Culture (3 cr.)
C560 Motion Picture Production (3-4 cr.)
C561 Intermediate Motion Picture Production (4 cr.)
C562 The Screenplay (4 cr.)
C592 Media Genres (3 cr.)
C594 History of European and American Films II (4 cr.)
C596 National Cinemas (3 cr.)
C606 Media Criticism (3 cr.)
C610 Identity and Difference (3 cr.)
C620 Media, Culture, and Politics (3 cr.)
C652 Globalization of Media (3 cr.)
C691 Authorship in the Cinema (4 cr.)
C792 Film History and Theory (4 cr.)
C793 Seminar in Media Studies (3 cr.)

Comparative Literature

C692 Comedy in Film and Literature (4 cr.)
C693 Film Adaptations of Literature (4 cr.)
C790 Studies in Film and Literature (4-12 cr.)
East Asian Languages and Cultures

E533 Studies in Chinese Cinema (3 cr.)

L780 Special Studies in English and American Literature (4 cr.) Topics on film.


M455 Readings in the Italian Cinema (3 cr.) May be repeated once for credit.
M500 Seminar in Italian Cinema (3 cr.)


R540 Special Projects in Telecommunications (cr. arr.)

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