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Graduate Faculty

Unless otherwise noted in parentheses, the faculty member’s primary affiliation is with the School of Public and Environmen­tal Affairs.

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Distinguished Professors

Gary Hieftje* (Chemistry), Ronald Hites* (Public and Environ­mental Affairs)


Randall Baker* (Emeritus), Simon Brassell* (Geological Sciences), Sharon Brehm* (Emeritus, Psychology), Edward S. Brondizio* (Anthropology), Keith Clay* (Biology), Chris Craft*, Jer­emy Dunning* (Geological Sciences), George Ewing* (Emeritus, Chemistry), Burnell C. Fischer* (Clinical Emeritus), Robert L. Fischman* (Law), Hendrik Haitjema* (Emeritus), Daniel C. Knudsen* (Geography), Vicki Mer­etsky*, Emilio Moran* (Emeritus, Anthropology), Flynn Picardal*, Lisa Pratt* (Geological Sci­ences), Sara Pryor* (Geography), J. C. Randolph* (Emeritus), Edwardo Rhodes (Emeritus)*, Scott Robeson* (Geography), Philip Stevens*, Jeffrey White*, Donald Whitehead* (Emeritus, Biology)

Associate Professors

Shahzeen Attari, Sanya Carley*, David H. Good*, Diane Henshel*, David Konisky, Kerry Krutilla*,Kimberly Novick, Jonathon Raff , Ingrid Ritchie* (I), Joe Shaw, Todd Royer, Catherine Tucker*, Chen Zhu* (Geological Sciences)

Assistant Professors

Michael Muehlenbein (Anthropology), ,Adam Ward

An (I) after a faculty member’s name indicates that the person teaches at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis.

Academic Advisor

Professor Kimberly Novick*,  MSB II 316 , (812) 855-4953

Doctoral Student Advisor

Professor Kimberly Novick*,  MSB II 316 , (812) 855-4953

Academic Bulletins

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