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Graduate Certificate in College Pedagogy

The Graduate Certificate in College Pedagogy provides graduate students in any field of study on the Indiana University Bloomington campus with the opportunity to develop and document their teaching accomplishments. Orientation to the skills, theories, traditions, and innovations of college teaching that are essential to the preparation of future college faculty and the opportunity to develop and document their pedagogical knowledge and skill. The certificate is designed to complement their disciplinary training with both disciplinary and transferable practices in teaching. By combining academic standards, methods, and literatures with practical experience, IU graduate students will be prepared to be outstanding higher education teachers, job candidates, and future faculty members. The certificate program is co-sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education and includes courses from both units, as well as others on campus.

Admission Requirements

Participation in the Certificate in College Pedagogy is by application and must be endorsed in writing by a student’s departmental advisor or Director of Graduate Studies. Students enrolled in an IUB master’s or doctoral program who are in good standing are eligible to be admitted into the program.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 12 hours (and a minimum of four courses) must be accumulated from 3 of the 4 knowledge domains:

  • Domain 1: The Practicum in College Teaching
  • Domain II:  Theories and Concepts of College Pedagogy
  • Domain III: Special Topics in College Pedagogy
  • Domain IV: Research/Scholarship in College Pedagogy

Full domain descriptions and qualifying courses can be found online here.

All students must take at least one School of Education course and can take no more than one course outside of those offered by the School of Education (and its departments) and/or the College of Arts and Sciences (and its departments). Certificate students will develop a plan of study in consultation with one of the co-directors so as to ensure that at least one course requires a statement of teaching philosophy. Some courses may qualify for multiple domains but any given course may only count for one.

Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in the Certificate courses to be awarded the Certificate in College Pedagogy. The Certificate in College Pedagogy will be awarded upon the completion of all certificate requirements and completion of a graduate degree. The Certificate in College Pedagogy will appear on the transcript of IU students who complete its requirements as an officially endorsed Indiana University certificate.

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