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Chemical Physics




Professors David Baxter* (Physics), Romualdo de Souza* (Chemistry)

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Chancellor’s Professor

George Ewing* (Emeritus, Chemistry)

Distinguished Professors

Gary Hieftje* (Chemistry), Peter Ortoleva* (Chemistry), Charles Parmenter* (Chemistry), Victor Viola* (Emeritus, Chemistry)

Robert and Marjorie Mann Chairs

David Clemmer* (Chemistry), Gary Hieftje* (Chemistry), Martin Jarrold* (Chemistry)


Adam Allerhand* (Emeritus, Chemistry), David Baxter* (Phys­ics), Russell Bonham* (Emeritus, Chemistry), Romualdo de Souza* (Chemistry), Herb Fertig* (Physics), Stanley Hagstrom* (Emeritus, Chemistry, Computer Science), Larry Kesmodel* (Physics), Lawrence Montgomery* (Emeritus, Chemistry), Gerardo Ortiz* (Physics), Roger Pynn* (Physics), Krishnan Raghavachari* (Chemistry), James Reilly* (Chemistry), Wil­liam Schaich* (Emeritus, Physics), Paul Sokol* (Physics), Philip Stevens* (Public and Environmental Affairs), James Swihart* (Emeritus, Physics)

Associate Professors

Mu-Hyun Baik* (Chemistry), John Carini* (Physics), Bogdan Dragnea* (Chemistry), Srinivasan Iyengar* (Chemistry), Ste­phen Jacobson* (Chemistry), C. Chick Jarrold* (Chemistry), Dongwhan Lee* (Chemistry), Daniel Mindiola* (Chemistry)

Assistant Professors

Lane Baker* (Chemistry), Dobrin Bossev* (Physics), Amar Flood* (Chemistry), Liang-Shi Li* (Chemistry), Sara Skrabalak* (Chemistry), Steven Tait* (Chemistry)

Graduate Advisors

Professor David Baxter*, Swain West 128, (812) 855-8337; Pro­fessor Romualdo de Souza*, Chemistry C230A, (812) 855-3767

Academic Bulletins

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