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Ph.D. Minor in Ancient Studies

The program in Ancient Studies seeks to encourage the study of antiquity in all its facets—including its history, art, architecture, literature, music, philosophy, religion, and science—and to promote interdisciplinary approaches to ancient culture. The program draws on the faculty of 12 departments: Anthropology, Central Eurasian Studies, Classical Studies, Comparative Literature, Fine Arts, Geological Sciences, History, History and Philosophy of Science, Jewish Studies, Musicology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. The minor in Ancient Studies aims to help students expand the depth and scope of their knowledge of ancient cultures and learn about different approaches to them. Toward these ends, it permits students to draw on courses from two or more departments outside of their home department. A student might choose to group together courses from different departments that focus on a certain period (e.g., late antiquity) or topic (e.g., social history).

Course Requirements

Students must complete 12 graduate credit hours of appropriate courses outside their home department. These courses must be in at least two different departments. No more than 3 credit hours of directed readings can be applied to the minor. No more than 6 credit hours of language study may count toward the minor, all of which must be above the elementary level. Because this minor is an individualized minor, the minor advisor (Jonathan Ready, must approve the particular courses that are to be counted toward the minor.


Courses in which a student receives less than a B (3.0) will not count toward the minor.

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