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  • AMST-G 501 Practicum and Teaching in American Studies (2 cr.) Practical teaching of American studies: current theories and policies. Associate instructors in A100.
  • AMST-G 502 Practicum on Teaching Native American Indigenous Studies (2 cr.) Practical teaching of Native American and Indigenous Studies: current theories and policies. Associate Instructors in A150.
  • AMST-G 503 Practicum on Interdisciplinary Teaching of American Studies (1 cr.) Practical teaching of American studies: current theories and policies. Offered as a 1 credit practicum for Associate Instructors in AMST teaching a course of their own design.
  • AMST-G 520 Topics in Interdisciplinary American Studies (3 cr.)

    Focusing on a specific topic, reflect on established AMST disciplinary methodologies and explore possibilities for new interdisciplinary syntheses. Consider issues like the questions historians ask and how they differ from those of literary critics or sociologist.  May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of six credit hours.

  • AMST-G 603 Introduction to American Studies (4 cr.) Representative readings in interdisciplinary scholarship; the origins and the development of American Studies and current trends.
  • AMST-G 604 Perspectives in American Studies (4 cr.) Survey of perspectives that have been and currently are significant in American Studies.
  • AMST-G 605 Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies (4 cr.) This is an introductory course in the interdisciplinary study of Native peoples, with primary focus on the study of indigenous peoples in the continental U.S., Alaska, and Canada.
  • AMST-G 620 Colloquium in American Studies (3-4 cr.) Readings, re­ports, and discussions on different aspects of American culture. Topics and instructors will change each time the course is of­fered. May be repeated for credit.
  • AMST-G 697 Research in Transnational American Studies (4 cr.) Issues and methods in the study of the United States or the Americas from a hemispheric, transnational, or global perspective, including directed research on relevant topics. May be repeated once for credit when topic differs for a maximum of 8 credit hours.
  • AMST-G 751 Seminar in American Studies (3-4 cr.) Intensive study of specific topics in American culture and history with emphasis on developing skills in interdisciplinary research. These seminars will culminate in a 20+-page research paper. Topics and instructors will change each time the seminar is of­fered. May be repeated for credit.
  • AMST-G 753 Independent Study (1-4 cr.) P: Consent of the Director of Graduate Studies and of instructor, who must be a member of the American Studies faculty.
  • AMST-G 805 Ph.D. Thesis (arr. cr.)

    This course is eligible for a deferred grade.

  • AMST-G 901 Advanced Research (6 cr.)

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